Get best Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity / Concrete tester from Roop Telsonic Ultrasonix Ltd.

Ultrasonic testing is an impending method used in the study and testing of structures for durability and vulnerability. It is gaining popularity for one simple reason - it is accurate and provides impeccable data. Now, this testing is done using Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity tester or the Ultrasonic Concrete tester. These systems are so designed that they trace many things like cracks, bee hives and deviation from normal structure in stones, wood, ceramics and other such materials. The testers use high frequency ultrasonic waves and study their resonance.

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The Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Systems we make guarantee to give you the best and most accurate results. You will not miss a single crack or any other damage with our testers. Since concrete is such an integral part of construction, our Ultrasonic Concrete tester is the perfect tool to ensure that it is damage proof.

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