Best Ultrasonic Welding Machine Manufacturers in India | Roop Telsonic Ultrasonix Ltd.

Ultrasonic welding is a manufacturing technique by which ultrasonic acoustic high frequency vibrations are applied locally to work-pieces held together under pressure to create a solid-state welding. It is commonly used for bonding different materials like plastics, metals etc. In ultrasonic welding, no connective bolts, nails, soldering materials, adhesives or necessary to bind the materials together. Roop Telsonic Ultrasonix Ltd. is one of the best Ultrasonic Welding Machine Manufacturers in India.

Ultrasonic plastic welding
Roop Telsonic Ultrasonix Limited offers wide selection of welding equipment and installation which with respect to generator performance, range of welding force, frequency of operation and possible uses, efficiently satisfies your specific application requirements. And these are:

  • Linear Welding System: It perform joining operation for industrial thermoplastics, especially in  the production of mass- produced parts in order to get  high strength, clean weld seams, fast processing time, extremely low rejection rates and low energy consumption. This technique is useful in riveting, forming, stacking as well as embedding of metal parts into thermoplastic materials.
  • Spin Welding System: It is a friction welding technique in order to join thermoplastic parts where joint areas are circular. It is applicable for any circular part made out of thermoplastics, especially for Nylon, PP & Polyethylene Group, Cream Jar, Hair Oil Bottle, Container Lid, and Casserole.
  • Handy Star: The Ultrasonic hand welder "Handy star" is ideal for small welding, riveting and inserting operations using thermoplastic materials; where manual assembly is required. The very compact instrument is suitable for small series application and laboratory.

Ultrasonic metal welding
Ultrasonic metal welding is a friction welding process, where oxides and other contaminations present on the material surfaces are broken up, and the parts to be welded are brought together under simultaneous pressure. Molecular bonding, similar to the conventional cold-press welding, then takes place.
Roop Telsonic offers high power/high precision equipment for linear and torsion welding process.  We offer high power/high precision equipment for wire splicing and ultrasonic metal welding machine for solar industry.

Ultrasonic metal welding machine available at Roop Telsonic is very advantageous as it provides exceptionally short welding times; no filler metals requirements, very low electrical contact resistance and helium-tight welds.