High Performance Ultrasonic Transducers Manufacturers in India | Roop Telsonic Ultrasonix Ltd.

The transducers convert one form of energy into another for the purpose of measuring something in the external environment. They can be used to measure the surface of an object, measure the density and thickness of a material or detect impurities or defects. Roop Telsonic Ultrasonix Ltd. develops reliable high performance ultrasonic transducers for each type of Ultrasonic applications like robotics, aerospace, medicine, industry etc. Some of the ultrasonic transducers available at RTUL are:

  • High Efficiency Straight Contact Transducers (W, P, K, Series).

RTUL offers a wide variety of straight contact hard face transducers from 2mm to 50mm diameter in frequency range of 25 KHz to 25 MHz, useful in all thickness gauging, flaw detection, dimensional analysis and general purpose NDT.

  • Replaceable Face Straight Contact Transducers (P,K Series)

RTUL designed Replaceable face transducer from 10mm to 50mm diameter in frequency range of 0.4MHz to 5 MHz. in order to solve the majority of contact applications. Three different interchangeable facings are feasible with the same basic transducer and these  includes a flexible membrane for rough surface, a delay line for thickness gauging and high temperature application and wedge for angle beam testing.

  • Angle beam and Shear wave Transducers (P,K, Series)

RTUL offers a wide variety of angle beam transducers including standard, miniature and built-in wedge type angle beam for the inspection of welds, plates and pipes. For economy, the standard and miniature transducers are used with removable plexiglass refracting wedges.

  • Delay Line Transducers

RTUL presents a wide variety of delay line transducers for thickness gauging of plates and flaw detection of spot welds and bond testing. Delay lines for ambient and high temperature use are separately available.

  • High Efficiency Immersion Transducers (W,P,K,Series)

RTUL presents the most comprehensive selection of submersible ultrasonic transducers. for the inspection of tubes, pipes, plates, bars, raw and finished components in the immersion media.

  • Zero Degree Shear waves Transducers

RTUL offers nearly perfect and pure shear wave transducers for materials research, velocity measurement and so on. Transducers are available both in direct contact.

  • High Temperature Transducers

RTUL offers various types of high temperature transducers for flaw detection, thickness gauging, corrosion monitoring 0 etc. Contact transducers available up to 200C, dual & 0 angle probes up to 400C, and delay line probes up to 0 1000C.

  • Dry Coupling Transducers

RTUL offers a wide range of dry coupling transducers.for thickness gauging and bond testing in plastics, glass, composites, teflon etc. and where couplants may be objectionable.
RTUL offers wide selection of transducer accessories. It includes Wedges of different angles, Radiused Wedges for inspection of curvature objects, Cables with numerous connector combinations, Connector adaptors, Testing and calibrating blocks, Reference standards, Step blocks, Search tubes for immersion testing and various types of couplants.