Get High Performance Ultrasonic Bath with RoopTelsonic Ultrasonix Ltd.

Ultrasonic baths are the best solution for perfect cleaning of materials of all kinds. Ultrasonic cleaning is the result of introducing ultrasonic waves into the water through a series of transducers. These waves are transmitted throughout the cleaning tank, producing a series of implosions in water, a phenomenon known as cavitations. These implosions breaks the molecular structure into particles and perform uniform cleaning of all parts, including internal orifices and parts that are in contact with water, which founds to be difficult by traditional cleaning methods.

RoopTelsonic Ultrasonix Ltd.offers a complete line of High Performance ultrasonic baths for laboratory and industrial use. The ultrasonic baths include special function "Sweep" that ensures a homogeneous distribution of ultrasonic field distribution and increases the efficiency of the cleaning process.

Ultrasonic bath available at RTUL works on the principle of Ultrasonic cavitations i.e. high frequency vibrations produce agitation in liquid resulting into rapid formation and collapse of minute bubbles in liquid. Implosion of bubbles with high pressure on exposed surface of component dislodges and removes contamination like dirt, dust, oil, grease, chips, wax, lapping paste, carbon etc.

RTUL’s Ultrasonic bath is the effective method for removing contaminants from parts submerged in aqueous solutions technique. Pollutants those are as diverse as fats and oils, abrasives, polishing agents, etc. can be easily removed without damaging the pieces. Here are some of the benefits that RTUL’s Ultrasonic baths provides: Quality of microscopic cleansing. 

  • Time saving about 80% compared to a traditional system. 
  • Labor saving. 
  • Saving water and detergents. 
  • Avoid contact and inhalation hazard so common in use solvents and alkaline detergents. 
  • Ecological advantages. 
  • Protection of materials. The surface will never be damaged.

High Performance Ultrasonic Bath available at RoopTelsonic Ultrasonix Ltd. can be used in various industries and laboratories including Jewelry, Optics Industry, Laboratory, Dental and Surgical Industry, Automobile Industry, Electronics Industry, and many others.