Roop Telsonic's Effective Ultrasonic Liquid Processing

Roop Telsonic Ultrasonix Ltd. specializes in the design and manufacture of ultrasonic Homogenizers for Liquid Processing. Wide ranges of chemical and physical processes are influenced by our state of the art ultrasonic equipment for liquid processing. Our Ultrasonic devices are used as High Performance Processor For Laboratory And Pilot Plant Applications including preparation of emulsions and dispersions, disruption of cells, acceleration of various chemical reactions, homogenizing of liquids, atomizing and degassing of liquids and the extraction of several substances from organic sources.

Roop Telsonic's Effective Ultrasonic Liquid Processing is ideally suited for development activities in the area of sono-chemistry research in which our high-power ultrasonic sono-processors capable of providing extraordinary processing rates and product quality and due to this reason our sonicators are ideally suited for online continuous & batch processes. One of the interesting features of RTUL’s sono-processor is that it displays Time, Temperature & Ultrasonic Power accurately.

RTUL’s present highly efficient ultrasonic extraction equipment that can be incorporated in existing extraction vessel without any specific requirement. It reduces solvent extraction time for plants, herbal leaves, etc and improves the extract yield in much better way. Besides this, it is suitable with almost all types of solvents.

Many pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries use our ultrasonics for acceleration of crystallization. With our strong ultrasonic equipment, nucleation in organic and inorganic supersaturated solutions can be accelerated and the growth of large crystals suppressed to give finer grained, more uniform crystals. This result is attributed to cavitation, which breaks up and scatters clumps, dendrites and individual crystals to form a large number of nuclei.

RTUL’s ultrasonic perform well in mixing and homogenizing, emulsifying, suspending, and dispersing of various products. Not only in the laboratory, but our ultrasonics present numerous uses in textiles, soft drink, pharmaceutical cosmetics and other industries for emulsification of mineral and essential oils, antibiotic dispersions, lotions, etc.

RTUL’s Ultrasonics liquid processing equipment done good job in the field of  Biotechnology, particle size reduction and waste  water treatment.  We are not only limited to only this but our ultrasonics perform excellent job in various other field also.