Use RTUL's Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine for Strong and Reliable Joints

An excellent alternative to conventional heating methods is the high frequency generators. The Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine - RTUL's HF design and manufacture of high frequency welding machine HF generators machines include inductors and modules for different types of welding and to control the process of packing machines.

They are a brilliant source of high frequency energy necessary supplies in the industrial process of induction heating. The simple design of these components allows for the basic use as well as to change waveforms or to use new step and sweep modes.

Choosing the right Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine can be very difficult as well as confusing.


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They have small volume, weight, light and can be easily installed and operated with ease, covering the medium frequency, high frequency, double frequency and ultrasonic frequency. They come in different models and all models have high efficiency, security and reliability. A display can be attached to the Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine which shows the status of the hf pvc welding machine.

Technical parameters

  • The high frequency generators have the engine power of 0, 4 to 1000 kw to run high frequency machines. The power depends on the work of the machine like bonding, veneering, drying and bending.
  • They work in the frequency range of 0.001-370kHz with a unique frequency control that is set by a speed sensitive button.
  • The amplifiers can be built in the generators which has 10Kw or more.
  • In order to discover eventual resonances, the generator is attached with a sweep through frequency change. The speed and the frequency range can be determined using this. The choice can be made between a logarithm sweep and a linear sweep.

The generators can be connected to computers using a USB cable through which the required sequences can be set up or programmed for automatic execution, which can reduce manpower.

Applications of these components

  • They are used for deep heating, heat treatment, shaping, hardening, soldering, quenching, brazing, welding, forging, melting, tempering various metals and other heating fields.
  • Used for body and shoulder welding in tube producing machines and to seal the filled tubes.

Faster than classical methods of heating/welding

  • The HF generators are used to supply the hydraulic and pneumatic presses, tunnel dryers and drying chambers.
  • The high frequency generators come in different series with different power and application in order to assemble the inductors, controllers and other modules into packing machines and equipment. The manufacturers of HF PVC welding machine offer ultra modern components which are outstanding for their quality and reliability.

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