RTUL is a leader among Ultrasonic Welding Companies in India

Do you know the company RTUL? Not yet? Well, it have to be changed because we have here one of the biggest company in India known for Ultrasonic Welding Company.RTUL is an expert in providing innovative ultrasonic productions that will help increase the productivity.

This leader amongst Ultrasonic Welding Companies can be proud of its 30 years of experience and expertise; over 500 companies have had the chance to count on their experience to improve their productions.

RTUL is a Leader in design, development, manufacturing and marketing with a wide range of equipment: “We take an innovative path to provide solutions that meet the needs of our customers.”

It is a firm specialized in production, research and also in development. RTUL can be proud to have in its hand the facilities that are the most modern around the world, settled in Gujarat, India, and a lab well-equipped as well with sophisticated, modern, functional equipment that are which support its Leader place in India.

RTUL presents itself as one of the largest manufacturers of ultrasonic machines for different industrial applications; we can count among them welding, cleaning, non-destructive testing and liquid processing.

Here some products that will show you how much this company can provide you:
RTUL can “Redefine the limits of welding” with the Ultrasonic Plastic Welding, by offering a large selection of welding equipment and installation, all this in the respect of generator performance, frequency of operation and possible uses... this will greatly satisfy your requirements.

With the Ultrasonic Metal Welding, RTUL can “Ensure Continuity in Conductivity” by offering a high precision and power equipment for wire splicing and linear welding process. This provides short welding time, no filler metal requirements, an electrical contact resistance that is very low.

The Ultrasonic Machining is a technique where the oscillation occurring by a vibrating tool at certain frequencies and does the work piece material removal, aided by abrasive slurry that moves easily between the work piece and the tool.

Among products devoted to welding, RTUL is proposing a wide range of products devoted to cleaning, by developing and manufacturing equipment over 30 years, with a wide range of Industrial Tanks, Multi-State cleaning system, TPC cleaners, as well as many different customized projects.

With the Ultrasonic Cleaning System, RTUL offers you a High Precision Cleaning Systems for Industrial Applications, they are the pioneer in this field, while different companies utilize solvents including chlorine for the cleaning of many componentsand it was more than vital with the decline of the environment to find a better, healthy and safe solution. This is why high quality aqueous solutions not only offer efficient alternative cleaning, but also enables high labor and environmental protection, low energy and solution consumption, easier disposal of wastes, effective cleaning with better output, etc.

By these products and many more, RTUL is ensured to be a Leader amongst Ultrasonic Welding Companies in India, and for many years to come.

You can find more information and details about the RTUL for Ultrasonic welding by visiting the website: RoopTelsonic.com