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Ultrasonic extraction is the recovery and removal of organic analytes from a permeable solid matrix. This is achieved by using a solvent that is energized by high frequency sound energy. The energy can be introduced to a sample such as a slurry of the cell or plant tissue through an ultrasonic bath into which the sample and a solvent is immersed, or through a probe, which is inserted into the sample.

The ultrasonic energy can be strong enough to pulverize and disrupt the matrix. This increases the extractability of the analyte. Ultrasonic baths offer a reliable source of the extraction energy.

Ultrasonic extraction is straightforward and convenient. However, it should be carried out under conditions that protect the hearing of the personnel working in the laboratory. The ultrasonic generator can generate heat that can affect the extraction process.

The ultrasonic generator operates at low temperatures in order to minimize heat loss and prevent the vaporization of substances that have a low boiling point. Through ultrasonic low temperature extraction, you can get the extract without the chemical solvent. The bioactive substances will also be smaller and the human body can easily absorb them.

Ultrasonically assisted extraction is appealing because it is easy to apply and the sample is treated non thermally. Ultrasonic extraction technology can reduce solvent usage and processing time, allowing you to get high quality extract and achieve a higher extraction rate.

Ultrasonic extraction is applied in many industries including the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The main application for ultrasonic extraction is in making herbal cosmetics, botanical extracts, anticancer drugs, herbal medicine and health foods. In the recent years, there has been a significant demand for herbal products. Through this kind of extraction, it is possible to extract many kinds of substances such as proteins, polysaccharides, alkaloids, chlorophyll and other biologically active substances from various plants and herbs.

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