RTUL’s Plastic Welding Machine With Advance Features

Ultrasonic welding is an important technique that is commonly used for plastics and joining materials, which are not similar. It involves the application of high frequency ultrasonic vibrations to work pieces that are held together under pressure to create a solid state weld. In ultrasonic welding, it is not necessary to use nails, connective bolts, adhesives or soldering materials in order to bind the items together.

Ultrasonic welding can be utilized for both soft and hard plastics. Plastic welding machines have more power and the understanding of ultrasonic welding has increased due to testing and research. Ultrasonic welding is faster than conventional solvents or adhesives. The drying time is quick and the pieces do not have to stay in a jig for a long time waiting for the joint to cure or dry.

It is easy to automate the welding, making precise and clean joints. The site of the weld is clean and in most cases, does not require any touch-up work. Many materials can be welded together because the machines involved have a low thermal impact. Ultrasonic welding is an effective joining process for industrial thermoplastics, especially when it comes to mass produced parts.

You can get a plastic welding machine with advanced features from Roop Telsonic Ultrasonix Limited (RTUL). This company manufactures many kinds of welding equipment. The machines we manufacture at RTUL can satisfy your specific application requirements in terms of frequency of operation, range of welding force, generator performance and possible uses. We manufacture high frequency welding machines, which are recognized for their efficiency, reliability and durability.

At RTUL, we believe in distributing advanced technological equipment. We offer plastic welding machines of the finest quality. The machines are also light weight and easy to install. They are also easy to operate. You can choose from a wide range of models of welding machines.

A plastic welding machine has many settings, which adjust exposure, force and amplitude. These three factors interact and they determine the failure of success of the welding process. Plastic melt takes place when the material at the part to part interface melts and the parts bond.

Plastic welding machines have several components. They include the generator, booster, converter, control unit and sonotrode. The generator supplies the converter with an alternating current of a certain ultrasonic frequency. The transducer converts the current into ultrasonic or mechanical vibrations. These vibrations are then transmitted through the sonotrade and booster to the part that’s been welded.

The plastic welding machines that RTUL offer can be used in numerous industries. Examples include the automotive, telecommunications, electronics equipment, photography and mechanical engineering industries among others. We are a leading provider of ultrasonic plastic welding machines in India and several other nations. We design, develop, manufacture and market various types of ultrasonic equipment for welding, cleaning and other applications.

At RUTL, we seek to satisfy all our clients in order to maintain our good reputation and attract more customers. You can communicate with us today to find the most suitable plastic welding machine for your establishment.