Roop Telsonic Ultrasonix Ltd Develops Reliable High-Performance Ultrasonic Transducer

The process of removing and recovering organic analytes from a permeable solid matrix is known as ultrasonic extractionThis process is carried out by using a solvent that is energized by high frequency sound. The energy can be introduced into the sample through an ultrasonic probe. The probe may be inserted into an ultrasonic bath in which the sample and solvent is immersed into the sample. If the ultrasonic energy is strong enough, it will pulverize and disrupt the matrix, thereby making it easier to extract the analyte.

Ultrasonic extraction is straightforward and convenient. An ultrasonic bath offers a source of energy that is relatively reliable. This process should be carried out under conditions, which ensure that the hearing of laboratory personnel is protected.

Roop Telsonic Ultrasonix Ltd (RTUL) supplies reliable ultrasonic equipment for cell disruption and extraction. The equipment can be used for both small lab samples and for high volumes in industrial processing. Ultrasonically assisted extraction is appealing because of the nonthermal treatment of the material, the scalability from test to production scale and its easy application. RUTL’s ultrasonic equipment generates intense ultrasound that you can control to fit your process requirements.

Our ultrasonic devices are ideal for use in many applications such as the production of herbal cosmetics, anti-cancer medication, botanical extracts, health foods and herbal medicine. Through ultrasonic extraction, it is possible to extract biologically active substances like chlorophyll, alkaloids, proteins and polysaccharides from herbs and plants.

The success of ultrasonic extraction depends on the capability of an ultrasonic transducer to work with a particular application. We are the leading manufacturer of high performance and reliable ultrasonic transducers. At Roop Telsonic Ultrasonic, you can find an ultrasonic transducerthat fits your application.

Our transducers have unique designs. We offer four distinct series in order to cover a wide variety of applications. Every series is characterized by a unique set of electrical and acoustic parameters. These include the W-Series probes, P-Series probes, K-Series probes and N-Series probes. Every series has unique features that make it suitable for a particular application. In each type of transducer, a novel dual damping concept is featured.

All our transducers undergo stringent laboratory criteria for assembly and testing. This helps to eliminate issues like weak bonding and weak housing. Our transducers surpass those made by other manufacturers in impact and wear resistance. They are highly durable and suitable for rugged applications.

At RUTL, we seek to be the best manufacturer of the ultrasonic equipment. We design, develop and produce various kinds of ultrasonic devices for cleaning, welding, sieving, non-destructive testing and specialized applications. As we plan to expand our firm, we are determined to maintain our position as the leading manufacturer of ultrasonic equipment in India. We seek to meet all the requirements of our clients. Some of the industries we serve include the fuel, chemical, food and beverage and nanomaterials industries. We know that word of mouth is one of the best ways to get more clients. By buying an ultrasonic transducer from Roop Telsonic Ultrasonic, you can rest assured that your needs will be met.