Ultrasonic Cutting and Sealing System Applications


Filters, awnings, Blankets, Garments.


Carpets, Sports wears, Filters, Hook and loop material, seat belts.


Conveyor belts, filters, garments, laminates, mattress pads, packaging, quilts.


Laminates, packaging film, resealable bags.


Bags, carpet backing, snack food packaging, tents, upholstery, disposable garments.


Films, shrink packaging, tarpaulins.


Rainwear, coated materials.

Applications in Particular

On Loom

The ultrasonic cutter can be integrated on circular looms for online continuous sealing or cutting and sealing of circular/tubular fabrics into flat fabric (cut open), with uniform and stable selvedge. This is essential for Woven Sack Fabrics (Jumbo Bags), Geo Textiles, Tarpaulin Fabrics, Ground Covering Fabrics (Agro Textiles).

Straight and Circular Cutting

Woven sack fabrics can be cut in to straight or circular shape with smooth finished edges for Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC) production, with appropriate system automation for the mass production of jumbo bags.

Liner Sealing

For automatic filling operation, liner has to be sealed with bag at the mouth. This can be performed with cleanliness and at higher speed by ultrasonic sealing.

On Guzzetting System

Ultrasonic cutter can be mounted on guzzetting system to convert the tubular leno mesh fabrics in to flat fabric with strong sealing.

Industrial Textiles

Within industrial fabrics arena where small width fabric is required with non-fraying and stable edge ultrasonic slitting is the ideal technique of fabric cutting. Ultrasonic slitting process prevents unraveling of woven or knitted material by sealing the slit edge. Ultrasonic cutter can be fitted on plain loom or fabric winding and unwinding assembly.

Automotive industry

Safety belts cut-out on the B-column Other Industries – Ultrasonic Cutting is also useful for cutting synthetic textile fabrics like Satin, Velcro, etc.